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The “Revenue” conflict - Empower our clients with transactional transparency

  There in an imbedded conflict in the distribution of insurance products, commissions, fees and revenue facilitated by the insurance procurement transaction. In many cases, retail, wholesale, and other providers are not transparent about the revenue they are receiving in these insurance transactions. Our goal is to uncover these imbedded costs.

Wrong Broker, Right Carrier or My Condo is in Cabo - Get the right people in the room

  Relationship can trump capabilities and our approach is to focus with providers that are invested in the logistics and transportation industry. Insurance distribution is a relationship based business throughout the procurement blockchain and with many insurance brokerage firms, the best resources are not always engaged or local. Our independent approach is designed to extract value in the current relationship with the depth of resources, experience to make the appropriate changes if warranted.

Over Worked, Under Paid – Fractional risk management resources

  The insurance management process internal function can be imbedded within other roles within your firm and may not get the attention that it may need. Given the trending cost for insurance, we can provide a slice of a professional risk manager, with focus on a specific project or take responsibility of the entire function.

Our Mission

  •  Add value to the process not over complicate it
  • Enhance existing relationships or facilitate tough decisions to change
  • Dedicate in the logistics industry
  • Independent, transparent approach with our clients
  • Lower your net cost of risk



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